Why do I need scents in my space?

Scents can be used in various spaces, including homes and businesses, as a way to enhance the overall atmosphere and create a more pleasant and inviting environment. Here are a few reasons why scents can be beneficial:

1. Mood enhancement: Certain scents have been shown to have a positive impact on mood, including reducing stress and promoting feelings of calm and relaxation.

2. Memory association: Scents can also create a lasting impression and help to create positive memories associated with a space.

3. Branding and marketing: Scents can be used as a branding tool and can help create a unique identity for a business.

4. Increased customer satisfaction: As previously mentioned, pleasant scents can lead to increased customer satisfaction, longer stays and even more purchases.

5. Creating ambiance: Scents can be used to create a specific ambiance or atmosphere in a space, such as a spa-like or luxurious feel.

What types of scents do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of scents, including:

Signature Scents: These are custom-designed scents that are unique to a specific brand or business.

Wellness Scents: These scents are designed to promote relaxation and well-being, such as Restful lavender, Born To Fly, and Golden Waterfalls.

Nature Scents: These scents are inspired by nature and include fragrances such as Hawaiian Sunset, Sea Water, and Sweet Honeydew.

Ambient Scents: These scents are designed to blend seamlessly into the background and create a specific atmosphere without being overpowering and include fragrances such as Miami Dreams, Plaza Falls, and Black Velvet.

You can see all our scents that we offer at our Scent Library

Will my space need a plug-in or add-on for my HVAC?

Every space is different, but you can count on our team to find the best solution for you. Both options are simple to install and maintain.

We also offer a plan for businesses that we will install and maintain their space.

How long do scents last?

The duration of a scent depends on several factors, including the type of scent, the method of diffusion, the model of the diffuser and the environment in which it is used.

Feel free to reach out to our teamto help you choose which diffuser is perfect for your space.

How does maintenance work?

Our install process and monthly maintenance plan are designed to be as hassle-free as possible. Without our monthly plan changing out your scent is simple– we’ll show you how!

What if I have a large space?

For large commercial spaces, we offer a plan to make sure everything is perfect and scented at all times, or our team works directly with your maintenance staff to keep everything running smoothly.

What if I want to change my scent?

No problem! Determine your new scent with our team, and we’ll send it out right in time for your next refill!

How do I set up my machine?

See the diffuser guides and videos tab on the website

My diffuser isn’t dispersing the scent as well as it used to.

Empty the bottle of oil and add equal parts alcohol and water. Then run the diffuser for a few rounds. Clean out the bottle and add the oil back in.

Do I need to add water to the oils?

No, the oils should be placed in the machine as it comes

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