HVAC Air Scentral Scenting Levona Scent offers advanced HVAC system technology committed to keeping your perfume scents fresh and clean. Levona Scent HVAC system delivers a consistent, discrete and evenly distributed diffusion of our oil fragrances. This technology converts our aroma perfumes into nanoparticles - covering large areas of your homes, offices, hotel lobbies or backyards. Please send us an email to know more about our advanced technology HVAC system.

How It Works?

HVAC Installation Diagram

Reference this diagram to understand the proper placement for your Whole Levona Scent Diffuser.

The Air Return is where the air comes into your HVAC system. The Furnace/AC Coils heat or cool that air (depending on what you’re running).

The exhaust comes out of the heater. DO NOT drill a hole into any exhaust ductwork. This can emit harmful fumes from your furnace into your home. If you are unsure, consult with an expert HVAC technician.

The Outflow Ducting is where the Levona Scent HVAC Installation Diffuser will be installed. This is where the air is pushed out from your HVAC system to the rest of the home (your HVAC fan will need to be on in order for there to be forced air).


Step 1: Measurement Guide Measure the mounting guide sticker on the wall next to the outflow ductwork. When installing your diffuser on sheetrock, be sure to use the provided anchors. Only screws are needed when you mounted on the wood

Step 2: Screws Drill the screws into the mounting guide. Match the Holes Before mounting, insert the cord into the back of the diffuser. Do not plug into a power outlet until installation is done. Match the holes on the end of the diffuser with the mounting screws. (Ensure the Diffuser is levelled, or placed on a flat surface. To prevent Damage to machine or uneven Scent flow)

Step 3: Nozzle Place the diffuser on the screws for mounting, then screw the nozzle on the top of the refill diffuser.


Step 4: Grip the Atomizer Pull the diffuser refill upward. We provide keys to unlock the diffuser refill if it's locked.

Step 5: Pull Atomizer Out Unlock the diffuser refill and pulling it straight up. Bring it all the way out to change out bottles.

Step 6: Unscrew Bottle Hold the fragrance bottle into place and unscrew the diffuser refill from it.

Step 7: Changing the Bottle Place the dip tube into the new fragrance bottle and align with the refill diffuser. Screw the new bottle into the it until tight.


Step 8: Back Into Diffuser Place the refill diffuser and bottle back into the diffuser. Align the it and the diffuser markings to push back into place. Use the provided keys to lock it.

Step 9: Attach the Tube Press the tube into the top of the nozzle.

Step 10: Stretch the Tube Stretch the tube so there are no kinks or loops.

Step 11: Drill Into Ducting Measuring with the tube, decide where to drill into your outflow ducting


Step 12: Create a Hole Create a small hole for the tube to be inserted by using a 3/8" drill bit.

Step 13: Insert the Tube Insert the tube into your outflow ductwork. Be sure to push it in 3 inches. If the tube is too long simply cut with scissors.

Installation FAQs & Troubleshooting


The drill size was too small for the tube.

The proper drill size is 3/8″, if you don’t have that size then you can take the drill bit you do have and wiggle it around the hole to slower increase the hole size.


Where does my diffuser go?

Your diffuser should be mounted to the wall within the tube’s reach of the outflow ductwork.



Will the hole affect my HVAC ductwork?

No, the hole will not effect your ductwork or the efficiency of your system. Most systems already have many little holes because HVAC technicians create them to test your air flow.


If I move can I take the unit with me?

Yes! Of course. Just turn off the diffuser, pull the tube out of the duct work, and take the diffuser off the wall and to your new house!


How long does installation take?

Installation is quick and easy. Most people it takes under 15 minutes.




The scent is faint no matter what setting it's at, what do I do?

If your scent is faint no matter what you do then try these quick fixes: make sure all your vents are open and turn your HVAC system’s fan to the “ON” setting. Is the atomizer pushed all the way in and locked into place? Is the dipstick still attached to the fragrance bottle inside the diffuser?


How long is the tube?

The tube is 3 feet long.


Should the diffuser be locked into place?

Locking the diffuser lid is the best way to keep the diffuser from getting out of place and not being able to diffuse properly.


I don't have anywhere to mount my diffuser in my utility room

The diffuser can also be placed on a shelf or be sitting on the ground. Just make sure it is away from water, heat, children, and pets.


My diffuser is not diffusing/there is no fragrance mist

Check to make sure the diffuser is currently diffusing (the working seconds are counting down) and pull up on the atomizer (see picture). Look inside the diffuser to check that the fan is spinning. If your fan is not spinning follow these steps: make sure your diffuser is running (the W or “working” seconds are counting down), touch and hold the “BACK” button on your diffuser until a small fan icon appears in the corner of the screen. This will turn the fan back on. If you need assistance please contact support.