Your brand, Your fragrance.

It‚Äôs more than just diffusing a fragrance in a showroom or lobby ‚ÄĒ it‚Äôs the science of combining your brand identity, message, and the values of your target audience. We work with companies to examine their brand philosophies and objectives to identify a specific sensory message and target audience. After analyzing relevant data and research, we create a unique and custom brand fragrance. Scent has a profound effect on our memory & emotions. If used in the right way, scents can drive consumer behavior and even serve as a secondary feeling for your brand.

  • Scents

    Scent branding is much more than filling a space with a nice fragrance.  It is the science behind creating a targeted signature scent that is associated with a particular brand.  By linking a unique scent to a brand, a strong bond is created with the consumer, thus becoming an extension of the brand’s identity. 

  • Diffusers

    The future of scenting resourcefully cover multiple areas without the use of residue-creating, unnatural substances and sprays. Scent every square inch of space. Combine the ease, convenience, and portability of a stand-alone unit with the power, quality, and consistency of HVAC scenting.

  • Business

    Ambient scenting can have a positive effect on patient perceptions of quality of service while in the office too.  Specifically designed scents for medical establishments can help keep waiting rooms and office spaces clean and free of contamination, while instilling a pleasant aroma for patients to enjoy. 

The connection of scent

With over 1000 odor receptors in our brains, we can easily identify over 10,000 individual scents. Scent marketing works to create specific responses in each consumer, imprinting a custom, pleasant-smelling scent formula directly into the consumer’s emotional center. Using cold-air diffusion technology, our nebulizers preserve the integrity of our fragrance blends in the form of a dry micro-mist without the harsh undertones found in chemical-based scents. This ensures the natural properties of oils are maintained.