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Levona Scent

GermAway fogger 2000

GermAway fogger 2000

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The Levona Scent GermAway fogger 2000 is a handheld electric ultra-low volume cold fogger that can reach a range of 30 feet. The cold-fogger technology breaks up the scent oil or disinfectant liquid into tiny nanoparticles and disperses them on to any item or area. No need to wipe down any surfaces, simply spray on and let dry, usually within a few seconds as the droplets are very small.

Professional, commercial disinfectant sprayers save you time and money. With our spraying technology, you are able to cover very large areas in a short period of time. This sprayer is electric and can cover very large spaces. It comes equipped with a 3-in-1 adjustable nozzle and a large 1.3-gallon size tank.

Key Features

  • 30-Feet of Spraying Range
  • ULV Cold Fogging Technology
  • 15 ft of Cord, Handheld
  • 5 Liter / 1.3 Gallon Tank Capacity
  • Weight 5lb
  • Ergonomic Rubber Handle
  • Can use oil or disinfectant liquid
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